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Fuq il-Golgota

Fuq il-Golgota

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High school & early college level player.
Difficulty: Medium-difficult or “late intermediate” / “early advanced.”

Inspired by the natural process of rain, "Raindrops" is a three-motive piece originally written for Euphonium and concert wind band. Its introduction takes the audience through the first droplets of rain with thunder raging in the very background which then forms the first motive of the piece, showing boldness and flexibility from the euphonist. As this motive progresses, the piece moves towards its second motive, a more singable aria which depicts the richness of water through rain. The third motive is allegro. a flow of technical ability through a melody that connects with the second motive, leading to a cadenza.  After the cadenza, a reprise of the second and third motives leads to a grand technical passage that ends the piece with a grand finale. Raindrops were specifically written for the emerging euphonium artist, Mark Vella.

Instrumentation: Euphonium Part &  Piano with Euphonium Part

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