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3 Miniatures for Oboe & Piano - 3rd Movement

3 Miniatures for Oboe & Piano - 3rd Movement

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Broken CirclesCarl Borg
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Carl Borg


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Solo Instrument


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Solo Instrument




Advanced college & professional level player.
Difficulty: Very difficult or “virtuostic.”

A single note acts as the seed from which a circular pattern sprouts. This system is in balance until a small, melodic divergence thrusts it out of its orbit, and causes the system to gain more and more energy and momentum, writhing and transmuting until it escapes “gravity” and leaves behind the confines of its rhythmic structure. Suspended out of orbit, the free middle section offers a space for reconciliation, before hurtling back down towards the “surface”. In the new, transformed state, the cells which displaced one another in the first section now merge to form a new unity. This expanded melodic arsenal enables further exploration of the flute’s flexibility and dexterity, before a new deviation, this time rhythmic, reduces the system back down to its roots.

This piece was written for Dr Rebecca Hall, who premiered the work at the National Museum of Serbia, Belgrade for the Serbian Flute Association on 07/05/2022. Hall also performed the piece at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama on 05/12/2022.

A recording can be found here.

Parts Included: Flute

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